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Pope to Eastern Catholic Churches: love heals divisions

Pope Francis on 14 September received in audience some 40 bishop of Oriental Catholic Churches of Europe at the end of their annual meeting in Rome.

Pope to Italian Prison Police: Punishment does not compromise the right to hope

Pope Francis meets with the Administrative Staff of the Italian Penitentiary Police in audience in the Vatican. To the police he expresses his gratitude, to chaplains and volunteers his encouragement to go forward, and he invites prisoners not to lose courage.

Pope to Abramo Community: Be evangelisers, trust in God

Pope Francis meets with members of the Abramo Community, and urges them to be like Abraham, who puts his trust in God, and was able to leave his home for unknown places.

Pope Francis in Thailand, Japan - in the footsteps of John Paul II

Pope Francis is dedicating the 32nd apostolic journey of his pontificate to Thailand and Japan, 19 to 26 November., 2019. Pope St. John Paul II visited Japan 38 years ago, and Thailand 35 years ago.

Pope gifts relics to Patriarch Bartholomew in sign of Church unity: Video News

Pope Francis explains his gift given to the Patriarch of Constantinople of a reliquary containing nine fragments of the bones of the Apostle Peter, a portion of those preserved in the Vatican Necropolis.

The Holy See and Angola sign agreement

On Friday 13 September 2019, in the Treaty Room (Sala dei Trattati) of the Vatican Apostolic Palace, the Holy See and the Republic of Angola signed an agreement that defines the legal framework of relations between the Catholic Church and the Angolan State.

Pope to Augustinians: show experience of God to world through charity

Pope Francis on 13 September received in audience in the Vatican some 150 members of the General Chapter of the Order of Saint Augustine, or Augustinians.

Witness of the “Church of Silence”: a tribute to Czech Jesuit Joseph Koláček

Jesuit Fr Joseph Koláček died this week. He was 90 years old. Between 1971 and 2001, he headed the Czech-language Section of Vatican Radio.

Pope Francis explains gift of relics in letter to Ecumenical Patriarch

Pope Francis writes to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Archbishop of Constantinople, and explains the motivation behind his gift of a portion of the relics of Saint Peter.

Pope Francis and Japan: a wish come true

The Holy See Press Office announcement of the Apostolic Journey to Japan in November is a wish come true for Pope Francis who wanted to visit the country as a missionary when he was a young Jesuit.