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Pope to Iraqi clergy, religious: Violence and hate are incompatible with religion

Pope Francis meets with bishops, clergy and religious in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad, stressing the importance of sowing seeds of reconciliation and fraternal coexistence that can lead to a rebirth of hope for everyone.

Iraqi youth in joyful expectation of Pope Francis

Dahlia Khay Azeez reflects on preparations for Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq taking place from 5 to 8 March, expressing hope that his presence will yield good fruit for the future of the Middle Eastern country.

Cardinal Cantalamessa: ‘Jesus is holy and makes us holy’

In his second sermon for Lent 2021, Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa, the Preacher to the Papal Household, reflects on the humanity of Jesus as the perfect model for all human beings.

Pope urges Iraqi authorities to rebuild society on fraternal solidarity

Pope Francis gives his first speech on Iraqi soil on Friday to authorities, civil servants, and diplomats, and indicates the path toward a genuine recovery of the nation following years of conflict and terrorism.

Baghdad, successor to Babylon: Iraq’s capital at a glance

Baghdad, the first destination of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Journey to Iraq, is not simply the capital city of modern Iraq. In the Middle Ages, it was the heart of the entire (Sunni) Islamic world. Even the Baldachin at St. Peter’s Basilica carries an etymological reminder of the glorious Abbasid capital.

Pope Francis arrives in Iraq

Pope Francis arrives at Baghdad international airport, kicking off his 33rd Apostolic Journey abroad and the very first papal visit to Iraq.

Doctors with Africa CUAMM, ready for new Tigray mission.

Doctors with Africa, CUAMM, has announced that it is finalising its response to the still-unfolding humanitarian emergency in Tigray, Ethiopia.

Messages of peace and blessing: Papal telegrams from flight to Iraq

Pope Francis sends telegrams to heads of state as the papal plane flies over their countries, headed for Iraq.

Caritas Ghana working for equal access to Covid-19 vaccines

Following the arrival of a shipment of 600,000 doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine in Ghana, Mr. Samuel Zan Akologo, the head of Caritas Ghana, reflects on the ongoing national Covid-19 vaccination campaign highlighting the work of Caritas in ensuring equal access to vaccines for all.

Catholic aid agencies: Rebuilding lives and livelihoods in Iraq

The Pope's visit to Iraq will raise awareness on the presence and important role played by local Christians. Regina Lynch directs projects assisting Iraqis and is travelling with Pope Francis as the ROACO aid agencies representative.